The best ramen for me, so far is Ippudo Ramen. I tried it early this year in Singapore, and thus have been searching for the greatest ramen here in Manila.

I have tried:

1. Ramen Bar in Eastwood Mall

– tried the RBS and Seafood Ramen, Bowl is pricey for 300+ but can be shared by two ladies

2. Ukkokei Ramen along Pasay Road

– tried to Shoyu ramen, was a bit salty. But they are notorious for their very bad service. They did not allow my husband to charge his laptop for just a few minutes, even if he was willing to pay 500PHP for it! So he vowed never to set foot there again. They say the owner is like the “Ramen Nazi of Manila”

3. Tamagoya Ramen in Marikina

– tried the seafood ramen. I could count the seafood pieces with one hand, and the soup was thick and not like the usual ramen. The waitress did describe it as such, and I still wanted to try it but I was a bit disappointed.

– If the restaurant was a bit nearer I would probably go back. But since its all the way at the end of Marcos Highway, maybe not.